Using Ionic / Capaciter framework with Vanilla Javascript

The Ionic Framework documentation assumes you want to build your app with Angular, React or Vue and provides excellent tutorials to help you get started with those options. However, despite their docs providing code snippets with plain JS there is no ‘getting started’ guide for that. This blog post seeks to fill that gap! Initial […]

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A HTML to Gemtext conversion API

I’ve made a simple API which will convert any HTML into Gemtext (source code on gitlab). In coming weeks I will create a WordPress plugin to automatically generate and update a gemlog, using this API for converting content. You might like to use this API for something too! Because I’m using RapidAPI to host the […]

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Integrating SimpleSAMLphp with Azure Active Directory

Many organisations use Microsoft’s “Azure Active Directory” service to manage all their logins. If you want your web site to let people in one of those organisations log in to your PHP-based web site then the SAML protocol can be used to facilitate that process, without them needing to manually create an account on your […]

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Choosing a new direction in tech

For the last 10 years, Drupal has been my go-to tool to get great web sites built. However, it is clear to all but the true believers that time is ending. The total number of Drupal web sites peaked in early 2016. Even now, 3.5 years after D8 was launched, there are still 2.5 times […]

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theming just one node in drupal

Drupal’s theming system uses file names to decide which theme to apply to whatever page the visitor is asking for. So  page-front.tpl.php is the front page, block-footer.tpl.php is any block in the footer, page-node-10.tpl is the page that contains node 10, etc etc However, out of the box, there is no way to theme just […]

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beautiful, just beautiful


I present to you, The Internet, how it was back in the good old days! That site is still in use. Check out the ‘last updated on’ messages at the bottom. Have a read on ‘my web philosophy’ at the bottom of the home page…

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