First page not printing in IE 7

A weird problem was happening on one of my sites where IE 7 could print off a web page, but the first page of printing was blank - the content wasn't pushed off to the second page, the first page was simply empty and the second continued on from where the first would have ended.

The solution is easy when you know how: set up a print-only stylesheet that is for IE 7 only, by using the usual <!-- [if IE 7]> method, then in that stylesheet have

html *{

  float:none !important;



that's all! Thanks to Robby @ basetwo for tracking this down

Ubuntu - gnome panels hanging randomly after using "Connect to Server" (gvfs)??


For ages I put up with random hangs and where some or all of my panels would stop responding, and completely rebooting was the only solution (killall gnome-panels wouldn't unfreeze things either; all the hung panels disappear, but then nothing comes back in their place)...

I knew it had something to do with connecting to other computers by using gnome's "Connect to Server" feature, and since the problem only happened intermittently and listless googling didn't turn up anything I just lived with it. Read more

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