Two drupal web sites

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand and Organic Products Exporters of New Zealand needed a CMS and member directory, and drupal was a perfect fit.

Moxie did great things with the design side of the projects. Both the designs intentionally use some similar design elements, as they are related organisations.

Web development languages in use in NZ


Today I ran a poll on the NZWEBDEV email list, and asked members to indicate which server side languages they regularly use in their work.

Results are below but you'll need to click on the image for a legible version.


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rails error: IOError: Couldn’t load the unicode tables for UTF8Handler (dump format error(0xb))


Argh I can't believe how long it took for me to track this one down. No one else on the internet had reported the problem before, so trusty ole google was no help. So I'm putting this one out there, to help others.

This error is caused when a file vendor/rails/activesupport/lib/active_support/values/unicode_tables.dat becomes corrupted. The easiest way that can happen is if while using FTP to upload your Rails app onto it's server, you are uploading the entire vendor/rails directory in ASCII mode. unicode_tables.dat contains binary data, which gets mangled when you upload using ASCII. Read more



Pacificbizonline is a searchable database developed to provide an 'information gateway' to Pacific Islands' businesses and commercial contacts. The client who commissioned the project is the Pacific Cooperation Foundation. Read more


Imagineering screenshot thumbnailMoxie Design Group provides a number of services, one of which is a sustainable business consultancy. The Imagineering web site facilitates the process of sharing ideas and resources about sustainability between Moxie and their clients, and amongst the people in the client organisation by using a collaborative blog type structure. Des



Every year in various locations around the country there is a large fund raising event to raise money for the Cancer Society. The event involves teams of people getting sponsored, and the Relay For Life web site makes it all possible. Read more

Momento Photobooks


Momento NZ is a clone of the original Australian web site. It's functions are identical, my main task was deploying it in a new location and then patching up the multitude of issues that arose later. Read more

Wellington International Airport


Much of the Wellington International Airport web site is fairly standard, but the part I was involved in was where it displays flight information. Read more



The Legal Services Agency are a government agency who assist people with finding law-related resources. In the past they would annually publish an extremely thick resource directory, which would list thousands of resources from hundreds of organisations. Read more



Tributes Online lets the public and funeral directors create a tribute to someone who has recently died. Each tribute has a photo, some text, funeral service information, a 'tribute book' where people can post (often very touching) comments, and anniversary reminders. Read more

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