Drupal 7: automatically logging users in with their Windows credentials (LDAP, NTLM)

So you want to build an intranet site with a seamless onboarding process that doesn't require users to remember yet another login? This is hard to do and a lot of things can go wrong along the way. Hopefully some of the below steers you through these treacherous waters.

I built an intranet using Drupal 7, the Apache web server running on Windows Server 2012. There are many layers and each of them needs work.

First, some terminology: Read more

Two drupal web sites

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand and Organic Products Exporters of New Zealand needed a CMS and member directory, and drupal was a perfect fit.

Moxie did great things with the design side of the projects. Both the designs intentionally use some similar design elements, as they are related organisations.

drupal with active directory (ldap)

Getting drupal authenticating logins against active directory can be intimidating, at first. I certainly felt that way.

A few hints

  • You will need PHP installed with the ldap extension. Use phpinfo(); to check if it's there. Without that you can't even begin.

drupal: inserting flash content (youtube videos) fails to display in IE

One of the drupal web sites I work on had a problem where any youtube video that was posted to the site failed to display on internet explorer. Any other browser worked fine.

The code we were trying to insert was this: Read more

theming just one node in drupal

Drupal's theming system uses file names to decide which theme to apply to whatever page the visitor is asking for. So  page-front.tpl.php is the front page, block-footer.tpl.php is any block in the footer, page-node-10.tpl is the page that contains node 10, etc etc

However, out of the box, there is no way to theme just one node. You can't go node-1.tpl.php and expect node 1 to be themed. To get around this, add the following to your theme's template.php

function phptemplate_preprocess_node(&$vars, $hook) {
  $node = $vars['node'];
 Read more

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