Responsify getprepared.org.nz


getprepared.org.nz was developed a few years ago and with changes in technology since then it became necessary to make large adjustments to accommodate the wider variety of devices people are using to look at web sites - a "responsive" web site. Read more



Years ago when I first began web development one of the first web sites I worked on was an image archiving system called Uview for a printing company. The business relationship continued from then until the present when recently the system was completely redeveloped, using Drupal. Read more

Wrap it up - sushi


Wrap it up sells sushi to children in schools - their parents log in and purchase the sushi in advance and the sushi is delivered to the appropriate school at lunch time. This web site was built using Drupal and Ubercart.  

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand


From mid-2009 untill the end of 2014 I was the main web developer employed by the Green Party. They run a variety of web sites, the main one being greens.org.nz which is built using Drupal. Read more

Two drupal web sites

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand and Organic Products Exporters of New Zealand needed a CMS and member directory, and drupal was a perfect fit.

Moxie did great things with the design side of the projects. Both the designs intentionally use some similar design elements, as they are related organisations.



FreelanceSOS is a web site where freelancers can go to find work, and project managers can find freelancers to do work. Read more

Te Papa - ourspace exhibition


Ourspace is a new exhibit at Te Papa. It's a multimedia space where people can manipulate images, text and video on a 18 meter long wall (screen). The media they manipulate can be created at the exhibit or uploaded beforehand through the web site. Read more



Pacificbizonline is a searchable database developed to provide an 'information gateway' to Pacific Islands' businesses and commercial contacts. The client who commissioned the project is the Pacific Cooperation Foundation. Read more


Imagineering screenshot thumbnailMoxie Design Group provides a number of services, one of which is a sustainable business consultancy. The Imagineering web site facilitates the process of sharing ideas and resources about sustainability between Moxie and their clients, and amongst the people in the client organisation by using a collaborative blog type structure. Des



Every year in various locations around the country there is a large fund raising event to raise money for the Cancer Society. The event involves teams of people getting sponsored, and the Relay For Life web site makes it all possible. Read more

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