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I present to you, The Internet, how it was back in the good old days!

That site is still in use. Check out the 'last updated on' messages at the bottom. Have a read on 'my web philosophy' at the bottom of the home page...

Computer electricity usage


I just discovered that I've left a light on, 24/7 for the last 10 years. And not one of those fancy new ones, one of the old fluorescent 100 watt ones!

It's not really a light, it's my computers. Even when everything is turned off, my computers and peripherals are drawing 104 watts of power. Somehow, 100 watts is just vanishing into thin air. That's about 10 times more than I was expecting... Read more



Pacificbizonline is a searchable database developed to provide an 'information gateway' to Pacific Islands' businesses and commercial contacts. The client who commissioned the project is the Pacific Cooperation Foundation. Read more


Imagineering screenshot thumbnailMoxie Design Group provides a number of services, one of which is a sustainable business consultancy. The Imagineering web site facilitates the process of sharing ideas and resources about sustainability between Moxie and their clients, and amongst the people in the client organisation by using a collaborative blog type structure. Des



Every year in various locations around the country there is a large fund raising event to raise money for the Cancer Society. The event involves teams of people getting sponsored, and the Relay For Life web site makes it all possible. Read more

Momento Photobooks


Momento NZ is a clone of the original Australian web site. It's functions are identical, my main task was deploying it in a new location and then patching up the multitude of issues that arose later. Read more

Wellington International Airport


Much of the Wellington International Airport web site is fairly standard, but the part I was involved in was where it displays flight information. Read more



The Legal Services Agency are a government agency who assist people with finding law-related resources. In the past they would annually publish an extremely thick resource directory, which would list thousands of resources from hundreds of organisations. Read more



Tributes Online lets the public and funeral directors create a tribute to someone who has recently died. Each tribute has a photo, some text, funeral service information, a 'tribute book' where people can post (often very touching) comments, and anniversary reminders. Read more

Tagged: was developed for myself, to remind me what needed doing around the house, and to ensure that everyone I lived with did the same amount. Read more

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