Reduce MAMP memory usage by limiting the number of Apache processes

When developing web sites on a Mac it is common to use MAMP. By default MAMP will run several Apache processes because that's just what Apache does by default - having several processes means several requests can be served at once. But, in a local development scenario, this is very unlikely to happen because the only user is the one operating the computer. Each process consumes roughly 40 MB so roughly 400 MB of RAM can be used for no real reason. Read more

Wrap it up - sushi


Wrap it up sells sushi to children in schools - their parents log in and purchase the sushi in advance and the sushi is delivered to the appropriate school at lunch time. This web site was built using Drupal and Ubercart.  

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand


From mid-2009 till the present I have been the main web developer employed by the Green Party. They run a variety of web sites, the main one being which is built using Drupal. Read more

Getting ASP.Net 1.1 running on linux - a trap for Ubuntu 9.04 users

On 9.04 when you install mono from the repos by following these instructions, (and opt not to install ASP.Net 2.0 and just go with the default of 1.0) then you end up with a mis-configuration of the web server - it's looking for the 2.0 version of the .Net framework when all you have is 1.0. This will be evidenced by these lines in /var/log/apache2/error.log Read more

First page not printing in IE 7

A weird problem was happening on one of my sites where IE 7 could print off a web page, but the first page of printing was blank - the content wasn't pushed off to the second page, the first page was simply empty and the second continued on from where the first would have ended.

The solution is easy when you know how: set up a print-only stylesheet that is for IE 7 only, by using the usual <!-- [if IE 7]> method, then in that stylesheet have

html *{

  float:none !important;



that's all! Thanks to Robby @ basetwo for tracking this down

Ubuntu - gnome panels hanging randomly after using "Connect to Server" (gvfs)??


For ages I put up with random hangs and where some or all of my panels would stop responding, and completely rebooting was the only solution (killall gnome-panels wouldn't unfreeze things either; all the hung panels disappear, but then nothing comes back in their place)...

I knew it had something to do with connecting to other computers by using gnome's "Connect to Server" feature, and since the problem only happened intermittently and listless googling didn't turn up anything I just lived with it. Read more

Two drupal web sites

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand and Organic Products Exporters of New Zealand needed a CMS and member directory, and drupal was a perfect fit.

Moxie did great things with the design side of the projects. Both the designs intentionally use some similar design elements, as they are related organisations.

drupal with active directory (ldap)

Getting drupal authenticating logins against active directory can be intimidating, at first. I certainly felt that way.

A few hints

  • You will need PHP installed with the ldap extension. Use phpinfo(); to check if it's there. Without that you can't even begin.

Web development languages in use in NZ


Today I ran a poll on the NZWEBDEV email list, and asked members to indicate which server side languages they regularly use in their work.

Results are below but you'll need to click on the image for a legible version.


Read more

drupal: inserting flash content (youtube videos) fails to display in IE

One of the drupal web sites I work on had a problem where any youtube video that was posted to the site failed to display on internet explorer. Any other browser worked fine.

The code we were trying to insert was this: Read more

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